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My art is my truth captured in time, a record of my personal take on what was going on around me. The process of making sense of life through my art has helped me to grow in new directions. Some of the political art and writing I have done no longer reflects what I later came to understand. Some work created a decade ago resonates as strongly as the day it was conceived.

As a creative person I recognize more each day the importance of all artists in society. As artists we must leave a map of what we were feeling, thinking, and doing about the events that influenced us most during our lifetime. We tell the story of what was in our hearts and souls while we lived so that future generations will know us as unique individuals, not as a lump sum in the history books. Which brings me to the question...

Can We Live In A World Without Art?

People who can think on both sides of their brain have the ability to make powerful change. The arts are an integral part of our daily thinking and decision-making capacities. It is not the arts that threaten our morality and longevity as a culture. It is the inability to think a process through to the end result that threatens us.

Close the factory, only our candidate knows the truth, kill the guilty, balance the budget at any cost; We see a lot of uncreative thinking happening already in our society. Those of us lucky enough to grow up with art, home ec, woodshop, music, and drama programs in our early education take for granted how much the arts helped us to grow as thinking, feeling individuals. Like anything else we always have the choice to do ill with our talents. Look at Karl Rove for example. The man is a linguistic and visual media genius but he uses his skill to thwart the truth and incite fear in the populous. But does that mean we should allow less creativity in society because of the risk?

I for one refuse to sacrifice my palette! As long as I am alive I hope to help others find their creative outlet too.

Art is not just an aesthetically pleasing painting or a sculpture. It is also a story and a voice, a dance, a way to heal, a symbol of great meaning, a way to understand the nature of people and the world. Art is a conduit between disciplines and fields, it helps the artist talk to the scientist and the architect to the mathematician, it crosses languages and cultures, continents, time, and space. Art whispers, screams, quiets, excites, enrages, empowers, constructs, destructs. Art is our soul, our happiness, and our future. Art is our Higher Calling to Truth.

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