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These groups of photographs tell a story from a specific time and place. Certainly some of the images are more artful than others but they were not taken with that goal in mind. I tried to capture the feeling of the event and place more than the concrete image.

Going Home

In October 2005 I went back to my childhood home, Croton-on-Hudson, New York, for the 25th Harry Chapin Memorial Run Against Hunger. There is also a short companion essay in my Journal, Going Home for the 25th Harry Chapin Memorial Run Against Hunger.
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Rolling Thunder

My father is a Vietnam veteran. After three decades of silence about those two years of his life he is opening up. The Rolling Thunder demonstration in Washington, DC helps my dad and thousands of other veterans find support and a space to grieve and honor their friends who didn't make it home.
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I took over 500 photographs on a trip to Ireland in the summer of 2005. The best ones are highlighted in this gallery. There is also a short companion essay about my experiences, The Emerald Isle, in my Journal.
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The Seasons

How can anyone not be inspired by the miraculous changes the earth displays from season to season? This collection of photo essays documents the natural beauty found throughout the year in the Washington DC area. Grab a cup of fair trade coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy the seasons!
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My Favorites

These galleries contain some of my favorite photos. A lot of my old photographs still have to be scanned so this is a work in progress! So far I have two slideshows, People and Nature. We'll see what else I find in those old boxes!
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